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Greenwich Peninsula Energy Centre

The Greenwich Peninsula Energy Centre is one of the first buildings to take shape on this development and sets the scene for the eclectic and unique architecture of the rest of the development. The Energy Centre will house technically advanced boilers to heat the thousands of new homes and businesses to be built on the Peninsula and will serve the largest residential new-build district heating system in Europe. 

Billington has erected 345 tonnes of galvanised steel for the flue tower, which has been formed with five ladder frames each placed 4.5m apart. 

For temporary stability, the main design only considers the full structure, but Billington devised a new solution that was created outside of the engineer’s initial analysis. This was valid to ensure that the structure was safe and weather resistant once recognizing the nature of the flue tower.

The ladder frames were built in to ensure the stability of erection, but it was also essential to ensure that these frames were transportable.

Each ladder frame consisted of three 16m-high by 3m wide sections that were individually the largest frames to be achieved by the hot-dipping galvanised process in the UK. Each frame weighed 23 tonnes in total and were galvanised at Worksop Galvanising. The frame size had to be considered for the galvanising bath and resulted in leaving just 50mm either side once the dipping process had commenced.

Although several challenges were presented due to the complexity of the design and build, a unique structure has been produced which forms part of a highly anticipated central London development.

Billington Structures are proud to have received a commendation at the 2018 Structural Steel Design Awards (SSDA), 50th Anniversary for Greenwich Peninsula Energy Centre. 

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