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Brunel University

The building is a new feature entrance for the campus which is part of the new Eastern Gateway. It consists of a circular structure (approx 26m diameter) forming a 600 seat Auditorium.

The structure is formed with beams, carrying the SFS cladding support system, faceting between 10m high columns around the perimeter. Roof trusses span across the building with a 6m high ventilated penthouse enclosure (45 degree roof slope) over part of the roof. A second floor link atrium connects to the adjacent three storey concrete teaching & research building which wraps around the Auditorium.

New steel frame entrance/Auditoria block to new site entrance. Beam and columns with lattice truss.

British Constructional Steelwork Association
Sustainability in Steel Construction
Factory Production Control and CE Marking
Building Confidence Accredited
Quality Management System Certification
Environmental Management System Certification
Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification
School Supply Chain Sustainability