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Next High Bay Warehouse

Construction of a circa 1 million sq ft distribution warehouse in Doncaster for Next, the major UK retailer. This will include a four storey office structure and link bridge. 

Billington Structures is providing approx. 5,000 tonnes of structural steel for the project, including portal frames and stability bracing designed to split the warehouse into five separate compartments; this will ensure that the building remains operational in the event of a fire in one of the compartments. Stability bracing will also render the internal mezzanine floors independent of the main building, enabling them to accommodate a complex system of tracks for an automated handling system.

British Constructional Steelwork Association
Sustainability in Steel Construction
Factory Production Control and CE Marking
Building Confidence Accredited
Quality Management System Certification
Environmental Management System Certification
Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification
School Supply Chain Sustainability