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Team Billognese Pas-ta Test!

On Wednesday 7th March, Billington Structures took part in The University of Sheffield’s Spaghetti Bridge Challenge. The annual event, hosted by the University’s Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, tasks teams with constructing a metre-long bridge out of nothing but spaghetti and glue. The rules state that the bridge design should be as lightweight as possible, and is judged on architectural merit and the maximum load the bridge can hold.

Technical Director, Simon Thrift returned to the judging panel after his inaugural attendance last year, but this time took a team of engineers with him.

Team Billognese are the first Billington team to enter the event which, historically, has been exclusively for students. Team Captain, Rui Costa said: “It was interesting to see how the different teams interpreted the brief and the different ways they overcame the challenges it posed. Whilst we didn’t take the number one spot, I am happy with the way our team performed and, as a first attempt at this sort of challenge, we can only improve with experience.”


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