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Commendations in the 2016 Structural Steel Design Awards!

Structural Steel Design Awards 2016

Billington had 2 projects shortlisted in the 2016 Structural Steel Design Awards - The Diamond Engineering Building for Sheffield University and 6 Bevis Marks Roof Garden in London. The awards presentation evening was held on Wednesday 5th October and we were delighted that both projects received a commendation. 

Although it wasn't the top prize of an award, this is a fantastic achievement by the entire design team on both projects as there were 21 projects in total in the running. 

The judges had the following comments on the projects:

The Diamond Engineering Building - Sheffield University

The Diamond - "A testament to the success of this imaginatively designed university building is how well it is used by the students. Exposed steelwork elements, including an immaculate spiral staircase, contribute to the architectural language of the interior. This well-crafted building with its excellent internal environment is bound to inspire all who use it."

6 Bevis Marks Roof Garden - London

6 Bevis Marks Roof Garden - "The diagonal framed steelwork and ETFE canopy is a most effective feature distinguishing this office building in a densely packed city. Challenging technical constraints were effectively resolved to provide a most desirable and popular roof garden. Additionally, this provides an often-ignored fifth elevation of the building, as seen from the surrounding townscape heights."

British Constructional Steelwork Association
Sustainability in Steel Construction
Factory Production Control and CE Marking
Building Confidence Accredited
Quality Management System Certification
Environmental Management System Certification
Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification
School Supply Chain Sustainability